Sixth graders stenciling drains in the city, thanks to SWCD efforts.

Storm water carries pollutants from streets, yards, parking lots, and storm drains, and dumps it untreated into our local streams, rivers and lakes. Storm drain stenciling helps alert citizens of the connection between their yards and nearby waterways. This program will help citizens young and old understand the negative effects using a storm drain as a gar- bage disposal will have on our environment.

The Storm Drain Stenciling programs entitled Down the Storm Drain" provided C Coshocton City schools 5th & 6th grade classrooms from January to April providing the students lessons on watersheds, runoff, and topography. During these lessons, students learned about water runoff with different types of land use; and that all rainfall running off the streets of Coshocton goes into a storm drain. This storm drains takes the water directly into the Muskingum River. In May, the students eagerly placed storm drain markers around Coshocton that state ‘ONLY RAIN—DOWN THE STORM DRAIN”. This public ser‐ vice project was supported by the Coshocton Foun‐ dation with monies to purchase storm drain mark‐ ers. This project is part of the District’s Storm Water Management Plan and will assist the City of Coshoc‐ ton in educating the public about protecting our water quality. 

-except taken from Deb Bigelow's newsletter, Conservation Education News