Heritage Preservation

 A living history interpreter at Roscoe Village gives a hands-on demonstration to children

Historical markers can be found throughout the city featuring the Underground Railroad, “King Charley’s” tavern (Charley Williams was the first permanent white settler in Coshocton), Native American mound, Moravian mission of Lictenau, a millstone marking the approximate location of the council house of the Delaware Nation (Coshocton was once the capital of the entire Delaware tribe), Colonel Bouquet’s expedition to retrieve white captives and Colonel Broadhead’s Massacre.

The Coshocton City/County Park System has a horse-drawn canal boat that demonstrates what travel was like in the canal era -- Ohio Erie Canal ran through Coshocton.

The Coshocton City/County Park System is celebrating Coshocton’s Bicentennial with Native American programming. Some early summer presentations will be “Our Local Native American History”, “Food, Medicine, and More: How Native Americans Used Plants.” Later summer presentations will be “Local Native American Artifacts” and “Native American Religion.”)

Coshocton Public Library has a local history resource room which receives updated materials regularly and sponsors historical programs and interpretive events.