Tidiness efforts are overseen by the city’s Service Director, Jerry Stenner, and the street superintendent, Rob Duffy. Duffy assigns crews to do street sweeping, leaf collection, painting of lines on roads, maintenance of parks, cemeteries, etc. There are designated cemetery “clean-up” days. The City enforces regulations on the timely removal of political and garage sale signs. Graffiti is removed as soon as it is observed.

Each year the City of Coshocton works with the Coshocton County Recycling and Litter Prevention Office to create an annual tire drop-off site at the County Fairgrounds. The City collects leaves in the fall for re-cycling to be composted at a local botanical garden as well as recycling through the local paper mill. Christmas trees are collected and composted by the City’s waste management vendor. Old cell phones are collected and distributed for reuse by Verizon Wireless. The local Environmental and Litter Prevention Department presents frequent educational events for schools, 4-H and scouts.

Much of the enforcement of local litter laws is handled by the city Health Department’s Director of Environmental health, Mark Frank. Frank inspects schools, restaurants, and also investigates trash is accumulation problems, mowing of vacant lots, etc.

A special program allows court-ordered workers to help maintain The Coshocton County Courtsquare. Coshocton shares its street sweeper and other equipment with neighboring communities.