Ecco Challenge & Stream Monitoring

Each year Coshocton SWCD assists the American Electric Power Company with their Annual Earth Day Celebration and Ecco Challenge. More than 850 students from area schools grades 6-8 take part in several different activities throughout the day. This event has been held on AEP Conesville's reclaimed acreage and at the Muskingum Valley Boy Scout Camp. Wtih the SWCD, students collect samples for stream monitoring. Depending on macroinvertebrates found, students can determine the quality of water. Macroinvertebrates are identified and listed on a stream assessment in groups. Group 1 are pollution-sensitive organisms found in good water quality. Group 2 are somewhat pollution tolerant and can survive in good or fair water quality. Group 3 includes pollution tolerant organisms and can be in any quality of water. Students learn how people can make a difference in the environment by using conservation practices to help protect the environment from pollutants.