Quilt Barn Hanging

A quilt at Clary Gardens, part of the Coshocton County Quilt Barn Trail.

Ohio Rose: made by Coshocton Canal Quilter Helen Moody in 2003. The pattern was chosen to hang at the gardens in honor of the Clary family rose business and the ongoing vitality of quiltmaking in Coshocton County.

Coshocton County Heritage Quilt Barns are a project of the Coshocton County Arts and Culture Alliance. The Coshocton County Heritage Quilt Barns tell a local history through the reproduction of old family quilt patterns and family stories.

The SR 643 Trail begins in New Bedford with its predominantly Amish population–winds through farm country maintained by horse powered farming traditions–passes between Roscoe Village (a herald of the industrial era) and Coshocton (a vital industrial era town)–and comes to an end at Clary Gardens with its 'green'/new age watering system. A delightful 22.2 mile drive through history!

Hear the audio and take the virtual tour on the Pomerene Center for the Arts website.